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eSeparator, the world-first Line filter with dual cyclones amounted, does not need additional filter for particle or oil, since it’s capable of simultaneously separating mist, oil and various sizes of particle. 

High-strength cover

It is made of poly-carbonate which is used for aircraft window.

Outer Generator

Initially it creates a cyclone filtering big foreign matters and droplet type of moisture.

Inner Generator

With its powerful rotation accelerated up to 3,400,000G, mists and minute matters are segregated.

Inner chamber

It functions to sort out and emit minute mists or particles.


It functions to start auto drain valve, separating inner chamber from outer one.

Auto Drain Valve

It operates according to the change of pressure inside Line filter, and it has a broad outlet to avoid blockage due to oily and foreign matters.

Outer chamber

It functions to sort out and emit drain types of water drop, oily and big-size foreign matters. 

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Gold Medal


International Exhibition of Inventions 

Geveva - 2015

Prime Minister's awards


Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2015

Semi-Grand Prize


Seoul International Invention Fair 2015


Gold Medal

Bangkok International Intellectual Property, 
Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition 2016


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