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Compare to existing products

Existing filters

Filtration function

Initial percormance

retention time

Drain method



Pressure drop


1,500 hours

Separate water, oil and

particles separately

Manual drain valve

Automatic drain floater

Instantaneous performance



7±1% ↑

F Company = \355,000 (Industrial)

P Company = \348,000 (Industrial)

S Company = \298,000 (Industrial)

M Company = \923,000 (Medical)


(Based on 0.12㎛)


Initial percormance

retention time

여과 기능

Drain method



Pressure drop


(Based on 0.12㎛)

7±1% ↓


Amount used for 1 year

(Maintain initial performance)

F Company $313 X 6 = $1,938

P Company $306 X 6 = $1,836

S Company $263 X 6 = $1,578

(▲3Company's whole exchange)

M Company 92.3+8.1+89.4=190만원

(▲ First and cecond element exchange)

Tesllon (no exchange) 50% Saving

9,000 시간

Simultaneous separation of moisture,

oil and particles (maximum 0.12㎛)

Automatic drain plunger

0.5 Bar

Always keep initial performance


Problems of Existing Filter and Solutions of eSeparator

The existing filter has a constant exchange period as a 'consumption'. The way to 'filter' contaminants through fine gaps accumulates pollutants in the element, and as the pollution progresses, the element causes the clean air to be polluted. Polluted elements cause a lot of losses not only in the quality of the air but also in the flow rate, as the area through which the air can be reduced. Since these pollutions continue to occur every time a filter is used, even before the exchange time, there will be considerable losses.

New Filter Elements and

Contaminated Elements

  eSeparator is :

Filter elements are not needed to be replaced because the foreign substance is separated using centrifugal force. The air passing through is not polluted because the contaminants are not accumulated. It always maintains the same performance as it was before it was maintained without any special maintenance. No pressure loss is caused by clogging of the filter. The existing filter element module uses multiple filters with different filtering degrees, but the eSeparator is enough.